That’s right. It’s a conspiracy theory. That does not mean it isn’t true.

We have been lied to by our government and big business so many times at such a great cost that it is only reasonable that we are extremely suspicious of the simultaneous rollout of Covid-19 and 5G, both of which are changing our lives in very dramatic ways.

To simply dismiss our concerns as “conspiracy theories” without a reasonable hearing of and examination of the evidence only serves to intensify suspicion among folks inclined to critical thinking and to further infuriate the “already pissed off”… which includes a whole lot of people! I fall into both categories as do a great many other folk.

Here is some of why I do not believe what we are being told about either covid-19 or 5G.

First let me say what I am not a believer of: I do not believe that all the leaders of the Democratic Party are cannibalistic pedophiles. I do not believe that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. I do not believe it is okay to join a mob and storm the capitol. I do not believe it is okay to tell hurtful lies to advance one’s beliefs or for any other reason. i do not believe it is ok to take out your hurt and anger on the helpless bystander.

That said, here are some other things more to the points I’m making that I do not believe; 

I do not believe the official narrative regarding the events of 911. Why not? Because I am a retired construction executive with considerable high-rise experience and the official narrative piles one physical impossibility upon another. Myself and thousands of other design, engineering and construction professionals gathered irrefutable evidence and cried out for years for an investigation that never happened. It was so blatant that it totally eroded whatever confidence I had in the integrity of the government institutions and agencies responsible for public safety. That places me squarely in the class of “already pissed off” people I referred to in the second paragraph.

Nor do I believe that the FCC is acting in good faith or the public interest in approving the rollout of 5G. why not? Biological effects caused by electromagnetic radiation, ranging from positive to catastrophic have been extensively studied all over the world for over a hundred years and the evidence is overwhelming that electromagnetic frequencies can and do alter, disrupt and in the worst cases destroy biological processes. The organization Children’s Health Defense has filed 11,000 pages of scientific evidence that EMF radiation is harmful to human beings in a suit against the FCC before the Washington DC court of Appeals as I write this. The FCC has certainly known about this evidence and has totally ignored it. That is criminal negligence.

I do not believe that we can trust the CDC, the NIH, nor Anthony Fauci regarding the terrible disease we are calling Covid-19. Why not? I have just spent most of the last four months researching DNA theory and practice, mRNA,PCR tests, the vaccine industry and the government/pharma interplay with regard to Covid, HIV, and related topics. I am just a reasonably intelligent old man, neither a virologist nor a person with any particular medical expertise and even to me it has rapidly become blazingly obvious that there is considerable hard evidence of collusion, misinformation, suppression of scientific inquiry and criminal profiteering around covid and the vaccine industry all very reminiscent of the cover-up insanity surrounding the events of 9-11… And most of you are buying it just the way you bought 9-11, which also changed our lives for the worse…

The CEO of YouTube recently announced that YouTube had taken down hundreds of thousands of videos challenging the official narrative regarding Covid-19 and Covid vaccines… Hundreds of thousands… Many of those videos were surely nonsense or worse than nonsense, but many of them ranged from credible professional opinion to commentary on peer reviewed material published in top journals, to valid clinical observation by highly qualified frontline medical professionals and results of valid scientific research.

That is not democracy. That is not science. That is not acceptable.

Please inform yourself via information only available beyond the edges of mainstream media… Go, for example, to and type in “vaccines” or “covid-19” in the search line. Ignore the obvious loonies but actually listen to some of the experts denied a hearing on Youtube or Facebook or CNN or the New York Times or Fox News. Go beyond your boundries for a minute and see a bigger picture. It won’t kill you and it might save your life.

Watch “Vaxxed”. It’s hard to watch. But one of its main characters, the guy who started folk looking into the connection between certain vaccines and autism, Dr Andrew Wakefield, was one of the more prominent and respected internists in Great Britain until he published a peer reviewed paper in Great Britain’s most respected medical journal suggesting that there “might” be a link between severe medical issues and giving a particular vaccine at too early an age. When big pharma saw that article they freaked… The article was pulled and he was cast out… even lost his license because he wouldn’t recant.

Do us all a favor. Get your head out of the sand and look for the facts. We owe each other the courage to face facts…

The Media COULD help us avoid the impending civil war instead of fanning the flames,

but they’d have to stop censoring legitimate dissent and stop promoting rabid nonsense

For example, the CEO of YouTube brags that they’ve taken down hundreds of thousands of videos questioning the official story on Coronavirus. You can’t present or discuss the burgeoning evidence supporting an alternate theory that questions the notion that Covid-19 is a person to person contagion caused by a virus. Can’t present evidence or even suggest that maybe what we call Covid-19 is the reasonable result of our hugely toxic environments being synergized or amplified by the rollout of 5G or the disruption of the ionosphere by the injection of thousands and thousands of satellites into earth’s delicate and poorly understood magnetic envelope so some billionaire can garner more control and make more money. 

And you definitely can’t question the value of “vaccines” that according to the CDC and the maker’s own documentation do not prevent you from getting the disease and do not prevent you from transmitting it..

Check out CNN or AP… There is no public forum. You can’t send feedback or raise a question. Fox News at least let’s you send them an email. They probably don’t read it unless you’re somebody they consider cool, but you can at least send it. 

I noticed that on the 25th of January, the DC Circuit Appeals Court was hearing final oral arguments on a Suit against the FCC for approving 5G rollout and that the plaintiffs, Children’s Health Defense and Others,  had presented 11,000 pages of evidence proving beyond any reasonable doubt that we are already being massively poisoned by emf and rf smog to our very great harm and that 5G is increasing that problem by orders of magnitude and you cannot find a mention of this lawsuit at CNN or AP or Fox “News” or the Washington Post or anywhere else… 11,000 pages of scientific papers and articles that we are being systematically poisoned, and not a word do we hear, but they all have room for suggestions for Valentine’s Day presents and quack about some TV star’s  ex boyfriend or why you should buy the newest gadget or a stupid hate rant by a crazy person.

It doesn’t matter if it’s left media, right media or smack dab in the middle, the media is not serving the needs of the people. Period.What they are doing is fanning the flames of discord to hold our attention so they can sell advertising. We are in a civil war that is being foisted on us and which keeps us from uniting against the real enemies, the greedy bastards who control us.

End of rant.

What is Covid-19, Really?

The questions are: if person to person contagion is the dominant mechanism of transmission of this terrible disease, how can it possibly be that Florida and California have even remotely similar numbers of both cases and deaths per 100,000 when Florida is wide open and California shut down? How can it be that “superspreader events” don’t result in high percentages of attendee infection? And questions that beg several others… Why would little San Marino, Italy have the highest per capita cases in the world, 27.9 last time I looked? What’s unique about it? And why does Croatia, just across the Adriatic from San Marino have only .3%… Does the fact that San Marino was the first place in europe to get 5G and Croatia has no 5G have anything to do with it? Why do some really poor areas have significantly fewer, less virulent cases per capita irregardless of population density? What else is different about them?

Here’s another question… Why do the electron microscope images of the supposed Coronavirus look exactly like exosomes? And why do the gene sequences supposedly belonging to the “novel” , that is unique coronavirus have 90 to 100% matches with human and various microbial genomes?

We’re missing something very important about this symptomatically variable condition we call Covid-19. When observations fly in the face of hypotheses, it’s time to set aside those hypotheses for a bit and look for new ones that better fit the observations, not time to build imaginary computer models to support the original set of hypotheses…

And the question that must always be raised in capitalist cultures… Who profits?

C’mon People! Smile on your Brother!

However we got here, no matter how it started, no matter who’s “right”, if we don’t all stop, take a breath and talk this over, we’re going to be killing each other in the streets, and for what? For Whom? What will be accomplished by ordinary working people destroying each other? Name one problem this hatred can solve. You can’t do it. If shooting an unarmed person of any color makes you feel like a big man you’re a weak piece of work in the first place and definitely not fit to live in a democracy. If looting some guys little store or home seems like a good idea to you, you are also not fit to live in a free society.

If y’all are just too ignorant and self obsessed to live in a democracy as responsible, mutually respectful citizens, maybe killing each other off is the best thing… Whether it’s best or not, it is approaching inevitability. I see a lot of hatred based on total media bullshit directed with great violence and false pride at less fortunate people, mainly people of color. That’s stupid. In the first place, in case you hadn’t noticed, white people are definitely the world minority.

Again, white people are the world minority race. We’ve been dominant for a brief instant in history. And it’s passing. Better start preaching cooperation instead of white supremacy before the tide turns completely against our honky asses, don’t you think? Do you really want to start a shooting war against black people? Lot of veterans in that community. Lot of guys who will shoot back.

Seems to me that working folk of all and any colors have a common need in terms of taking down the fat cats who control the world’s wealth and constantly goad us to harm each other and ignore their endless greed and malice. They are the problem, not the guy down the street.

You want to fight? Fight for freedom for all. Fight for fairness for all. Turn off the fucking media and use your brain.

Our enemies play us against each other and laugh at us while we tear each other apart.

Y’all are missing something

There are a lot of people running around pointing fingers at other people, desperate for somebody to blame for the terrible situation we are in.

It is easy to find evidence of other people’s stupidity or mistakes and it is easy to make up things about other people to make ourselves feel superior to them. This is a waste of the very little time we have. I don’t think we have any time to waste. Because I think that what we’re missing is the larger reason that things are as crazy as they are.

Let me explain. This poor planet is an electromagnetic phenomenon. As such, it is a part of a larger electromagnetic phenomenon, called, the solar system, which is in turn part of a larger electromagnetic phenomenon called the galaxy, which is in turn part of a still larger electromagnetic phenomenon and so on.

Something is happening to our planet that is very different from what has been happening to it for the last long while. It is getting hotter when it gets hot and colder when it gets cold. Winds are changing courses and getting stronger. Hurricanes are breaking records. It’s magnetic field (think North and South pole) is changing all the time but now it’s doing it more quickly and dramatically than usual. Our sun is going through changes. so we are going through changes.

Hotter, more activity, less predictible, dangerous, subject to sudden unexpected events… Sound familiar? Just like our weather or the streets of our cities or the halls of our legislatures. We are not immune from the effects caused by the immeasurably vast electrical circuit of which our little speck of a planet is a working part.

Still don’t get it? If you turn the heat source on your stove up under a pan with food in it, the food will warm. Leave it there and the food gets hot. Leave it long enough, it will burn, right? Think of yourself as food in a pan called earth on a stove called the sun powered by a huge electric current from a source unknown to us. That source is amping up the sun and we are becoming hot and agitated all over this planet. Everywhere.

Trump didn’t do it. He and all the chaos in government are just symptoms of it. Effects. like the pandemic is an effect. Like 100 degrees in Siberia is an effect. He is certainly making it worse for us by encouraging hatred. But he is just another victim. He is not the source.

I think the people following Trump are reacting to a perfectly reasonable inner feeling of panic or lostness… imminent catastrophe, so scared they have to create a god to save them. Only problem, he’s just another person and he clearly does not give a damn what happens to you after you vote… He appears to be following Hitler’s playbook in the mistaken belief that he can avoid Hitler’s end game; which was not so pretty and has come down on many dictators from Caligula to Hussein.

Ignoring politics and civil unrest for a moment… There may be something we could DO to mitigate the effects of amplified solar radiation. Maybe we could even modulate the current itself. Our ability to find and apply technical solutions to problems is very powerful. But that can never happen so long as we are not even looking at the actual source of our problem and all we’re doing is playing push-me-pull-me no-win games with left-right ideologies. That is all just distraction given the magnitude and source of the actual problem facing us.

I think we are lost. I do not see humanity able to set aside personal or local concerns for any reason at all. I believe that we are faced with impending catastrophe and will be caught flat footed when it happens; busily complaining about the inconvenience or “constitutional crisis” of having to wear a mask.

Don’t Buy The Hate

Those who are pushing all this hatred have something to gain from it. We ordinary people do not have anything to gain from it and everything to lose by buying into it. I’m a very old white man and I am telling you the black man, the brown man, the yellow man and the red man are not your enemy. The rich white man who needs a “nigger” is your enemy.

If you want to know what’s really going on on the ground at these police generated riots turn off the major media and go to sites of actual video being made by real people of real protesters at the protests: for example:

Best live feed.  documenting protests and interviewing locals. See for yourself!

Best clearinghouse for stuff from around the country

Best strategic synthesis

Strategic analysis from people with lots of experience with confrontations

These sites are probably not what you’re used to calling “news” but they are real and the regular “news”, left or right, is all filtered through corporate agendas.

People: No amount of hatred is going to get us out of this. Every act of hatred is gasoline thrown on the fire burning up our nation. Left right, black white; All that stuff is used to keep us shooting each other while the predators at the top keep selling us guns and bullets. If anger is all you can do, at least point it at the right target… that right target is not your neighbor no matter what color your neighbor is!


How can people continue believing that a greedy billionaire is going to save us from the greedy billionaires?


All in this together

There are no words to soothe us
There are no leaders to guide us
There is no plan to save us
There is no precedent to inform us
There is no court of last resort to hear us
There is no free press to remember us
We are on our own.
We will not despair
We have each other.

A Fair Trial!


The Republican Senators violate their oaths of office by declaring they intend to ignore the evidence against Mr. Trump, thereby abandoning responsibiity to the American people or to their sworn duty to protect the Constitution, the very foundation of our system. His senate advocates cannot  disprove the obvioous evidence, much of which came out of the accused’s mouth publicly more than once,  so, the republican Senators have decided to ignore that evidence and to state, quite publicly, following Mr. Trump’s example, that they don’t need to hear witnesses, they don’t need to see evidence, they have already decided to acquit no matter what evidence is presented.

Does that sound like a fair and impartial trial? Does that sound like they think he didn’t do it? Does that sound like the words and actions of people we would want to lead us?

These people need to recuse themselves from these proceedings at a minimum. Better they should pack up and leave Washington. They dishonor themselves and the high office to which they were elected.

Here is a much overlooked, major consequence of the accused’s actions and policies

This affair shatters the credibility of American diplomats in foreign countries with one fell swoop. Government officials of any foreign nation who have followed the diplomatic testimony in this matter cannot possibly believe that they can trust anything that any American government official tells them regarding American foreign policy because the United States foreign services now operate with two parallel, simultaneous, mutually exclusive missions; to further the interests abroad of the United States, but, more importantly and with more actual power, in this case, to further the personal interests of the President and/or whomever he designates in the moment. And, if the interests of the United States conflict with the interests of the accused, the interests of the United States have been shown to the world to be capable of usurption by people not even in government… That’s chilling.

If you read the evidence, if you listen to the testimony, you must see that a coherent foreign-policy is impossible to establish or pursue under this administration’s current policy. There can be no confidence in any diplomatic relationships from clerks to ambassadors. The U.S. Congress can’t even be trusted. They can pledge assistance and the president or his friends can stop it until his personal conditions for its release are met.

It appears that many Americans prefer a narcissistic dictator who brags about having a pirates morals and ethics to a democratically elected president. I can’t see it, but perhaps that’s a better way.

But whatever kind of regime, they better be able to get along and hold their place with all the other regimes, hadn’t they? Because we do not live in a vacuum and many empires before this one have suffered sudden and brutal destruction by forcing a lot of weak enemies into becoming one powerful enemy… Hitler comes to mind…

We have taken a giant step on the path to our national disgrace by destroying the ability of others to have confidence in the U.S. Foreign Services. To excite fear and confusion in our allies, enemies or neutrals can only do us harm…

God help us.


From PG&E to NID? Let’s Not

It looks to me like any long term big deal involving a lot of money and people can become corrupt sooner or later… often sooner. If the social structure driving the long term big deal is powered mainly by the profit motive, it’s already corrupt in terms of social justice before you do anything.

DISCLAIMER: The people who work for PG&E anywhere but at the very top do not make and are not responsible for PG&E policy. Don’t take it out on them, please.

So PG&E is a construct to make money for its shareholders through an energy monopoly. It holds much of California hostage to this single end, to create fortunes for shareholders. According to John Olmstead, it was designed by three guys over drinks one Sunday on a riverside porch near Smartsville. Until recently, It worked well for the shareholders. It is expensive and progressively, even catastrophically dysfunctional for the consumer. The shareholders have sucked it dry and want us to pump it up again so they can suck it dry again.

I think we can leave PG&E to our Governor and Attorney General and we can shift our gaze to how rural electrical cooperatives have worked and are working ever since Roosevelt’s “New Deal” for places similar to Western Nevada County … a few medium and smaller towns and lots of rural life spread around the foothills of, in this case, one of the world’s mightier mountain ranges which endlessly pours copious amounts of rushing water down it’s innumerable canyons for us to interact with,

Don’t need PG&E.

Next question… NID wants to become the “facilitator” of this process to free us from energy bondage to a large corporation. Why should we trust NID to behave any better or smarter than PG&E?

We need help from rural electrical cooperative pros and such others as we discover along our path; the folk who make and run rural electrification systems… the data is readily available. Size us up and show us how its done. Bring the Board of Supervisors and all the players together before anybody gets a bit of control over the process. NID is looking to increase its turf. Nothing wrong with that. That’s what organizations like that do. Before we make them communications czar of the process, which is a very powerful position in the early stages of a project, we need to scrutinize them as well. NID sells us the water that flows down the mountainside. They didn’t make it. How came they to own it and sell it? I bet there’s large stacks of incomprehensible legalese to explain that one. Because they caught it in a ditch? The main ditches were already there when NID came along. How did they come to own the ditch system? Which by the way is a terrible scar on the mountains.

Enough said. I am not a fan. Even were I a fan, having the local water monopoly design our freedom from an electrical monopoly doesn’t make sense. we don’t need PG&E or NID. Of course NID will be a player, on a level playing field with the rest of us. We need each other… first in conversation for possibility and then for collaboration in action, beginning with design of experiment methodology to decide for and among ourselves how best to take the power crucial to so many aspects of our lives into our own responsible and capable hands.

Let’s not get in a hurry. We have hurried to where we are now. Looks a lot like a wreck to me. Let’s not hurt ourselves even more by crawling out of the wreck into a lion’s mouth! Hold off on letting NID run with this. Let’s take more responsibility for our own well being! We can do it!

What an 81st Birthday!

My best-in-the-world daughter-in-law, Heart, and I played and sang today for a very special wedding… The 72 year old bride, vibrant and warm and radiating Metta; living with a grim medical prognosis, asked us to do Kate Wolf’s “Give Yourself to Love”, as bride and groom entered separately (my second favorite song to sing after Amazing Grace) and Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to The End of Love” as they danced out together, having been pronounced, “Best Beloveds”…

Heart and I unpacked my elderly Martin and Che’s beautiful even older Gibson (Thanks Che!), made ourselves part of the wallpaper, noodling enjoyable little guitar runs for the ambience and observing the familes and closest friends of these two remarkable celebrants as they transformed our little community center meeting room into their particular kind of sacred space with lights and food and flowers and oodles of good will. And observing how our little community welcomed them and served them and are glad for them in very real and cherishing ways…

The ceremony itself was too beautiful, too intimate, too Holy for me to talk about. It’s a memory I will carry a good ways.

While they are both clearly remarkable people and I loved singing at their very real, deeply moving wedding, I don’t know either of them. I was there for my wife and our dear friend, the ordained minister who pronounced them “best beloveds”, When I heard that a lady was at a precipice and her lover and spiritual companion proposed marriage and our friend agreed to make the wedding happen, and would I please get Heart and come sing for these people on my birthday; I really felt like for a guy turning 81, that was about the coolest birthday present this particular person could get at this particular time.

People like our friend and my wife and them who pulled this wedding together in three weeks, people who have been so graced as to have truly immersed their actions in compassionate intention, even if they only do it for friends or only occasionally, are, I believe, very fortunate beings. For the effects their actions produce on other people are pretty to watch…

What a privilege it is to actually live and work and play with such people. Of course when you’re married to one of them, you can wind up donating a good bit of time; to which I say, so much the better!

Thank you, Life, for this absolutely extraordinary opportunity of the human experience. May Life squeeze out of me every last droplet of living and may I do somebody some good with it!